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    Getting started with jsr-88

    Oliver Henlich Newbie

      The J2EE1.4 TCK used jsr-88 to deploy/undeploy apps.
      If i would also like to use it for deploying our applications, where would i start?
      - are there any open-source tools?
      - command-line utils?

      Another question i have is on the integration of jsr-88 with the old jboss (hot)deployment mechanisms? Briefly browsing the code, they look like two seperate worlds. Is that right? Is there any point in bringing them together? I'd be interested.
      - Some ideas are already mentioned http://www.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=ExtentionsToJBoss32xDeploymentLayer
      - the jsr-88 stuff does not support redeploy

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          Dimitris Andreadis Master

          AFAIK, jsr88 support is not feature complete. If you look into the implementation it comes down to using the MainDeployer's deploy(URL)/undeploy(URL) methods for deploying modules that exist on the local filesystem.

          Something that maybe interesting but I don't know how it could be made is to use jsr88 for managing jboss services. The problem here is that each service (mbean) has different configuration, in constrast to say ejb-jar.xml that has a fixed format.

          So, I've experimented with a new DeploymentService
          that primarily lets you create your own services.

          There are a couple of missing features, like uploading a module or providing a synchronous(i.e. blocking) deploy/undeploy. The uploading will probably come from the remoting framework.

          Maybe this could be used as a back-end to jsr88.