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    Deploying JMX console on JBoss 4.0.0


      hey all,
      First, confirmed jboss-media and Media in jboss-head are the same.

      Second, making headway on the MFB side of the spec. I'm still working with the JAI, the JAI-IO, and the Sun Java 1.4.2 IO libraries but plan on also adding in support for Batik-based library formats, then open to ideas on any other Media libraries we should also write MFB's for.

      As for a sample application/demo/usefulness, this opens up some discussion:

      I have doubts that following the spec without add-on will have any value. Definately one of those added-value kind of deals in my opinion.

      One of the areas in the spec that I do not understand is the assembleContent/disassembleContent methods and the idea of 'embedded' formats. Are TIFF and MPEG considered an 'Embedded' format...and if so, how should those be handled differently?

      I definately see how this would be awesome/cool, but trying to keep a level head and take care of the nitty-gritty correctly first.