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    Unusual Boot Time Behavior 3.2.7RC1

    Charles Watson Newbie

      I am deploying JBoss 3.2.7RC1 on a WinXP box, my services have dependencies stated in the jboss-service.xml but these are being ignored at deploy time during the application bootstrapping... These services deploy as expected when done by hand, but if a shutdown, then restart is executed the dependent service is attempted first, which causes a deployer exception... I did a search of the FAQ, but no mention of similar behavior. A sample descriptor fragment is included below...

      using: JBoss 3.2.7RC1 on WinXP, j2sdk1.4.2._05

      my jboss-service.xml:

       <mbean code="my.fully.qualified.ClassName" name="my:service=dependentServiceName">