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    MBean Dependencies

    Stefan Arentz Newbie

      I'm trying to make two MBeans deploy in the right order. But unfortunately not very succesful. This is with 3.2.6 and 3.2.7RC1.

      I've tried the following things:

      Put the two beans in one jboss-service.xml. The second bean defined is deployed first. Which is wrong.

      Then I switched the beans around in the jboss-service.xml. Now the first one (the wrong one) is deployed.

      Then I added depends tags to the beans like this:

       <mbean code="blah.jboss.SpringApplicationContext" name="blah:service=SpringApplicationContext">
       <mbean code="blah.jboss.Foo" name="blah:service=Foo">

      Nothing changed in the deployment order. The Foo bean's startService() is still executed before SpringApplicationContext's startService().

      Then I changed everything back and made two jboss-service.xml files and put those in the jboss-app.xml deployment descriptor in the right order. That did not work. The beans were still deployed in the wrong order.

      At last I gave the two descriptors ascending named in the jboss-app.xml (aaa-jboss-service.xml and bbb-jboss-service.xml), this also did not change the deployment order.

      I'm a bit confused now. What is the proper way to define the dependencies?