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    Problem with MBean JBoss3.2.3 -> JBoss4.0.0

    Michael Maurer Newbie

      We have writen a MBEAN such as posted in the JBoss3.x docu: A Standard MBean Example page 118. (see code below)
      This worked wounderfull in JBoss3.2.3.
      After adapting the jboss-service.xml I was able to deploy it in JBoss4.0.0.
      Using the jmx-Console I am able to view all the properties stored in the MBean. But when I try to connect to the MBean using JDNI

       Context ctx = new InitialContext();
       serverSettings = (ServerSettings)ctx.lookup("java:/MARSServerSettings");

      from my application (inside Jboss) I am able to invoke the bean and its methods, but the returned properties are null.

      Has anyone an idea whats the problem ?
      It seems to me that the MBean is not a singleton anymore!

      Cheers Michael

      public interface ServerSettingsMBean extends java.io.Serializable {
       public static final int STOPPED = 0;
       public static final int STARTED = 1;
       public void setProperty(String key, String value);
       public void removeProperty(String key);
       public String getProperty(String key);
       public String listProperties();
       public String[] getKeys();
       public void setJNDIName(String jndiName);
       public String getJNDIName();
       public String getStatusString();
       public int getStatus();
       public void start();
       public void stop();

      public class ServerSettings implements ServerSettingsMBean {
       private static final String TABLENAME = "MARSSERVERPROPERTIES";
       private String JNDIName_ = "not set";
       private int status_ = STOPPED;
       private java.util.Hashtable properties_ = new java.util.Hashtable();
       private transient Connection con_ = null;
       public void setProperty(String key, String value) {
       properties_.put(key.trim(), value.trim());
       public String getProperty(String key) {
       System.out.println("ServerSettings-getProperty "+key);
       String retValue = (String)properties_.get(key.trim());
       System.out.println("ServerSettings-getProperty returns "+retValue);
       return retValue;

       <mbean code="at.tugraz.genome.marsservice.ServerSettings"
       <attribute name="JNDIName">java:/MARSServerSettings</attribute>