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    Cannot connect to SNMP agent.

    GnanaShekar Subramani Newbie


      I have started jboss with the following system properties on a solairs box.

      JAVA_OPTS="-server -Xms128m -Xmx128m\

      The acl file looks like this:

      acl = {
      communities = public, private
      access = read-only
      managers = localhost,

      trap = {
      trap-community = public
      hosts = localhost,

      I am using java management mib file and want to connect to snmp agent using Adventnet mib browser tool from my laptop (

      I am getting the following error.

      Sent get request to waulab4d.med.ge.com : 8004
      Request Failed: Error: Request Timed Out to waulab4d.med.ge.com

      Request your help.
      Thanks & Regards,