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    Programmatically undeploying applications using EARDeployer

    Archanaa Panda Newbie


      Is it possible to programmatically undeploy ear files using EARDeployer or some other method?

      We have a strange requirement for our project as follows-

      "We have an EAR file, there has an InitServlet which check some external
      resources ( like SMS server blah blah ) whether they are available or not
      while starting the server.

      Now I want an application which won't allow application server to deploy the
      whole EAR file if some external entities are missing. Also if the
      application is running ( deployed ) and in-between the same external
      entities becomes unavailable then it should undeploy the whole EAR file and
      whenever any user try to access the application ( at this time when the
      application is undeployed ) s/he should get a message that xxx application
      is unavailable because of XXX problem.