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    Deploying Jar,Sar,War,Har .... ClassNotFound :-(

    samfra Newbie


      what did I understand wrong ?

      I need to deploy the following
      - utils.jar
      - myobjects1.har
      - myobjects2.har
      - mymbean1.sar
      - mymbean1-interfaces.jar
      - mymbeanN.sar

      I've got problems with my classes....

      First, I wanted mymbean1 starts before the 2, and so on...
      I've notice alphabetical order is important...
      then I rename my archives :

      - 01-utils.jar
      - 02-myobjects1.har
      - 03-myobjects2.har
      - 04-mymbean1.sar
      - 05-mymbean1-interfaces.jar
      - 06-mymbeanN.sar

      This is ok, my archives are deployed in the good order... (I don't want to use "depends", because if I redeploy mymbean4 .. it restarts the 5th, ..)

      If you can first explain me this, I would be happy ...

      classes in the .har files are not reachable from my sars !
      so I need to add an extern jar myobjects.jar that contains all objects that are in the sar... it's stupid ?!

      and the worse, my har classes can't access to the classes that are in utils.jar ....

      what is the solution ?
      If I deploy my .jar files in the lib directory, no more problems...

      PS : so that my sar1 can use classes from sar2, I've created a jar file with all needed interfaces..