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    using a rich:tree accept user input


      I've got an XML structure shown using a rich:tree and using rich:treeNodes to show the values in h:inputTexts. I'd like to be able to allow the user to amend any input field and be able to submit the modified tree structure back to the bean for processing. Is this possible?

      I'd submit the page but it's simply a value and var attributes and an inputText in the treeNode, nothing special.


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          I cannot understand, what's the problem - any input within the tree saves its value in corresponding property of tree node data.
          If it's not what you want?

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            Thanks for the reply.

            The reason I ask is that upon the form submit, no setters concerning the treeNode data are called. I have a delegate attribute to the TreeNode implementing class that stores the XMLNode data and this doesn't change.

            I'll try again tomorrow but I'd also like to know what part componentState and stateVar can play in proceedings.