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    Entity bean - JMS - MBean communication problem

    clau25 Newbie

      I have a service that listens to messages from a topic. When a new message is received, my service has to check some data (from database) and then to do some tasks.

      My problem: The messages that make the service to react (to check some data in the database) are values created by ejbCreate() method of a certain entity bean that has a connection to a table ('myTable') from the database. When a value is created, a JMS message is sent to the topic that my service listens to. When the service is notified of this creation message, it has to check some data, data from 'myTable' table as well. The problem is that this table is blocked somehow by the entity bean and the service doesn't see the new created data in the table. The entity bean publishes the message to the JMS server, after creation, in ejbPostCreate() method.

      Could anyone give me a hint about what might happen there and how can i solve this?

      Thank you in advance,