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    code design: feedback needed

    madeonmoon Newbie


      I hope someone can give me an advice on how to implement this: I have 3 jboss instances (instA, instB, instMain) deployed on the same host. Currently there is no clustering implemented.

      Each of the instances should expose certain metadata about itself such as "serverName" and "serverRmiHost"

      instMain will only know serverName's for the 2 instances (instA, instB) and, in order to make remote calls to them, it will need to lookup the serverRmiHost based on the serverName.

      I would like to come up with the best implementation design for the task. one idea I have is a JMX component to be configured and deployed locally within instA, instB. instA will define "serverA" as its serverName attribute and "jnp://xyz:1099" as its serverRmiHost. instB will define "serverB" as its instanceAlias and "jnp://xyz:1199" as its serverRmiHost.

      Given instA and instB expose their attributes via JMX, how will instMain look up and communicate with instA for example? Do all three need to be started in a single cluster with a shared JNDI-HA enviroinment so that instA and instB can store their metadata in a shared JNDI environment with the serverName being the key?

      Or, can I just use JbossCache and have the instA and instB cache their attributes on start up so that instMain will be able to lookup them by key (serverName)? Will the three instances have to be in the same cluster then?