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    own JMX MBean and JMS

    Andrzej Roszkowski Newbie


      I have wrotten my own JMX mbean for JBoss that is using JMS destination.
      When deploying after jboss full statup - everything is fine, but when deployment is made during server startup - exception that JNDI name ie. queue/Sth is not bound, what do i have to declare in mbean descriptor (depends) to have clean deployment? tried to make dependency with exact jmx queue name bu it also fails ... someone could help?

      jms object is taken from jndi during service creation - in create() method, maybe i have to change or implement any JBoss specyfic interface?

      for now class is declared as:

      class Sth implements SthMBean

      and interface is declared as
      interface SthMBean
      and contains create/destroy/start/stop methods + some other getters/setters for parameters