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    How to make JBoss JMS works with Oracle in multi-developers

    Ben Truong Newbie

      Can JBoss JMS with Oracle persistence storage works in multi-developers environment where developers run JBoss on their desktops and all have the same persistence configuration that points to the same Oracle database. I noticed the oracle-jdbc-state-service.xml has a line: CREATE_TABLES_ON_STARTUP = TRUE. It implies that a JMS instance expected it own the persistence tables exclusively. If one developer is running Jboss while another developer starts a new instance of JBoss, would it interferes each other? If it does, how can we work around this?

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          tomdee Newbie

          WHen you said 'same Oracle database' you didn't mention whether it's

          Dev shares the same Oracle Instance (or SID) or are they also sharing the same JMS* tables.

          You can setup JBoss to do either cases.
          a) sharing the same SID - different tables same login user
          If you are just sharing the same SID but each DEV uses their own set of JMS tables, just modify the oracle-jdbc-state-service.xml file and change all table names to a prefix
          e.g. JMS_TABLES --> BTRUONG_JMS_TABLES for u
          and YOURBUDDY_JMS_TABLES for your buddy.

          you can embed a perl script to mod the xml file inside your run.bat or run.sh to do that

          b) sharing the same SID - same tables , differnt login user
          each Oracle login user can own his own set of JMS* tables.. so all you
          need to do is config your Oracle-ds.xml to have different user.

          c) different SID - well this is easy. just do what you did in b)