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    XMBeans and ServiceMBeanSupport problems with attribute chan


      I have an XMBean that used to be implemented as a POJO (no inheritance from any JBoss support classes). I also have a listener in the system that waits for the automatic attribute changes that the XMBeans emits. Everything worked like a charm. This was until I decided to extend ServiceMBeanSupport with my regular XMBean POJO. From this moment on all the automatic attribute change notifications stopped working. I have a suspicion that the problem is related to the fact that now my POJO is a NotificationEmitter (by inheriting from ServiceMBeanSupport).
      I also looked/debugged JBoss code and noticed that model mbeans have their own subscription list (different from the one in ServiceMBeanSupport/NotificationBroadcasterSupport) and the internal subscription list in the model mbean class implementation is being used to fire the attribute change notifications (and not the one in ServiceMBeanSupport).

      BTW I am using JBoss 3.2.6.

      Any ideas about this problem would be appreciated.