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    Filesystem External Context

    blakbox Newbie

      I've loaded a directory's contents into JNDI through a Filesystem ExternalContext.

      It works fine when I try to get or put a File into jndi from an EJB.
      However, when i try the same operations from a standalone client, I only get a Reference object if i'm trying to get the context relative to the directory, or I get a javax.naming.NotContextException if i attempt to get a file.

      My configuration is:

      <mbean code="org.jboss.naming.ExternalContext"
       name="jboss:service=ExternalContext,jndiName=external/fs" >
       <attribute name="JndiName">external/fs</attribute>
       <attribute name="Properties">
      <attribute name="InitialContext">javax.naming.InitialContext</attribute>
       <attribute name="RemoteAccess">true</attribute>