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    Help for a super beginner user

    Juan Pablo Sabadini Newbie

      Hi there! I`m trying to solve a problem and I'm think that MBeans can be the solution. But I don't finish to understand what is a MBean. Is there any really good tutorial for MBeans?
      That was my fist question, the second one is a little more complicated: My application consist in a client implemented with Struts (war) and an ear with EJB 2.0. The problem is that I want to have an object in the ear or in the JBoss as a Service (sar) that instanciate this Object (this object uses a singleton pattern) and it can be accessed from anywhere since the war.
      Instanciate this object in the war with an application scope is not good for because I want to feel free to change or add other clients implemented with another technologies (such Swing, or clients for palms, etc...)

      Best regards