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    DropListener NoClassDefFoundError

    K J Newbie

      My setup

      Richfaces 3.1.0
      Seam 1.2.1
      JBoss 4.0.5

      I am trying the richfaces drag and drop example with code included below.

      I was able to compile the source code and deploy it.
      The application renders fine and I can drag the framework from source list to destination area.

      But the moment I drop it , I get the following error .

      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/richfaces/event/DropListener

      I checked for this class in the richfaces jars and found it in the richfaces-api jar.
      I have already packaged the richfaces libraries (the 3 richfaces jars i.e ui, impl and api) in the WEB-INF/lib .

      //////////////////////////////// DndBean.java //////////////////
      package org.richfaces.demo.dnd;
      import java.util.ArrayList;
      import org.jboss.seam.annotations.Name;
      public class DndBean {
       private ArrayList containerPHP;
       private ArrayList containerCF;
       private ArrayList containerDNET;
       private ArrayList frameworks;
       public ArrayList getContainerCF() {
       return containerCF;
       public void setContainerCF(ArrayList containerCF) {
       this.containerCF = containerCF;
       public ArrayList getContainerDNET() {
       return containerDNET;
       public void setContainerDNET(ArrayList containerDNET) {
       this.containerDNET = containerDNET;
       public ArrayList getContainerPHP() {
       return containerPHP;
       public void setContainerPHP(ArrayList containerPHP) {
       this.containerPHP = containerPHP;
       public ArrayList getFrameworks() {
       if (frameworks == null)
       return frameworks;
       public void setFrameworks(ArrayList frameworks) {
       this.frameworks = frameworks;
       public void moveFramework(Object fm, Object family) {
       ArrayList target = null;
       if ("PHP".equals(family)) target = containerPHP;
       else if ("DNET".equals(family)) target = containerDNET;
       else if ("CF".equals(family)) target = containerCF;
       if (target != null) {
       int ind = frameworks.indexOf(fm);
       if (ind > -1) {
       public String reset() {
       return null;
       private void initList() {
       frameworks = new ArrayList();
       frameworks.add(new Framework("Flexible Ajax", "PHP"));
       frameworks.add(new Framework("ajaxCFC", "CF"));
       frameworks.add(new Framework("AJAXEngine", "DNET"));
       frameworks.add(new Framework("AjaxAC", "PHP"));
       frameworks.add(new Framework("MonoRail", "DNET"));
       frameworks.add(new Framework("wddxAjax", "CF"));
       frameworks.add(new Framework("AJAX AGENT", "PHP"));
       frameworks.add(new Framework("FastPage", "DNET"));
       frameworks.add(new Framework("JSMX", "CF"));
       frameworks.add(new Framework("PAJAJ", "PHP"));
       frameworks.add(new Framework("Symfony", "PHP"));
       frameworks.add(new Framework("PowerWEB", "DNET"));
       containerPHP = new ArrayList();
       containerCF = new ArrayList();
       containerDNET = new ArrayList();

      ///////////////////////////// EventBean.java ///////////////
      package org.richfaces.demo.dnd;
       import org.richfaces.component.Dropzone;
       import org.richfaces.event.DropEvent;
       import org.richfaces.event.DropListener;
       import org.jboss.seam.annotations.Name;
       import org.jboss.seam.annotations.Name;
       public class EventBean implements DropListener {
       private org.richfaces.demo.dnd.DndBean dndBean;
       public void processDrop(DropEvent dropEvent) {
       Dropzone dropzone = (Dropzone) dropEvent.getComponent();
       dndBean.moveFramework(dropEvent.getDragValue(), dropzone.getDropValue());
       public org.richfaces.demo.dnd.DndBean getDndBean() {
       return dndBean;
       public void setDndBean(org.richfaces.demo.dnd.DndBean dndBean) {
       this.dndBean = dndBean;

      ///////////////////// Framework.java ////////
      package org.richfaces.demo.dnd;
      public class Framework {
       private String name;
       private String family;
       public String getFamily() {
       return family;
       public void setFamily(String family) {
       this.family = family;
       public String getName() {
       return name;
       public void setName(String name) {
       this.name = name;
       public Framework(String name, String family) {
       this.name = name;
       this.family = family;

      ///////////// faces-config.xml /////////////
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <!-- JSF 1.1 -->
      <!DOCTYPE faces-config
       PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD JavaServer Faces Config 1.0//EN"

      Can somebody please help me on this ?