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    Memory leak in Linux

    Dilip Padhee Newbie

      From remote am monitoring MBeans of JBoss in every 5 minutes interval. In my code am creating a new "Management" object within a thread(in run method) like the below in every interval. And am creating more than one thread.

      Object obj = context.lookup( "ejb/mgmt/MEJB" );
      ManagementHome home = (ManagementHome)
      Management server = home.create();
      //after that am executing the query like below
      Set mbeanSet=server.queryNames(queryObj,null);

      Found there is memory leak in both the client side and as well as JBoss
      side in Linux OS. The memory usage is going up and up. Could anyone suggest me for the above problem. Is there anyway to release memory or destroy the connection eachtime.

      Am not intializing "server" object to NULL at the end of thread.OR do i need to call any method of "server" object at the end .

      Thanks in advance.