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    Rich Faces and frames like solution...?

    Maykell Frometa Newbie

      Hi all, i have the following scenario:

      I'm developing a Rich Faces web appliaction, and i need to load dinamicaly according to the privilegies of the users the options he going to access in the left menu of the pages.

      The problem is that i need load this menu part of the pages just one time at the moment the user log in, and subsecuents pages the user want to navigate donn't refresh at less this menu part of the page.

      In a few words, i need something like Frames or Iframes effect, something that allow me to have fixed the header, the left menu and the footer and all the other pages the user visit while navigating be showed in the middle space of the page.

      I was thinking about the use of tiles but i'm not sure tiles resolve my problem, but i prefer any solution that JSF, RichFaces or Ajax4Jsf can bring.

      Any help will be appreciated.