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    Deploy many ears in one Jboss3.2.6 server instance

    Zouhair Mechbal Newbie

      i m a trainee in a company and I'm migrating some enterprise application from weblogic server into jboss server (version specified in the title).
      my problem is that when I deploy more than one application in the same server instance, the server reject the second one and display a message indicating a conflict of JNDI name because the two applications use the same EJB(inside the ear) :
      ex : app1 use EJB1
      app2 use EJB1
      the deployment of app1 is done without any problem, but the deployment of app2 doesn't work because of the same jndi name used for the EJB1 in app1.
      I used this script to try to resolve the problem but the problem persist :

      script :

      <!-- EAR deployer, remove if you are not using Web layers -->

      <!-- Isolate all ears in their own classloader space -->
      <!-- Enforce call by value to all remote interfaces -->

      if somebody had the same problem or know how to resolve this one, please help.