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    Dimitris Andreadis Master

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      My search for open source free SNMP JAVA APIs led me to joesnmp and search on joesnmp led me to jBoss. I am wondering what version of open source free JBoss I should get in order to use joesnmp.
      We are planning to include SNMP agent side application in a developed product and also subsequently have 3rd party manager application communicate and interface with our agent application. Please let me know whatever essential to start with this. I am new all SNMP but determined to get the point of deployment.

      joesnmp is a low level SNMP library that can be used independently of JBoss. JBoss just uses the latest joensmp version currently available (i.e. 0.3.3 http://sourceforge.net/projects/joesnmp.

      In fact joesnmp was initially created to provide "manager" functionality. we have putted in place some small extensions to allow this to be used on the agent side as well.

      jboss includes an snmp adapter that can be used to map JMX notification to SNMP traps (see http://www.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JBossSNMPAdapter). However there is no automatic support for parsing MIB definitions, or generating MIBs based on the configuration of the adapter.

      We have also implemented the hooks to let you intercept get/set requests and do something with them, but there is no out of the box functionality for mapping e.g. those requests to JMX attribute get/set.

      If there is enough interesting we may consider implementing this. You can vote for it here: http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBAS-1454

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          Muralidharan Narayanan Newbie

          Thank you very much Dimitry for pointing out the forum category the question belongs to. Thanks for the immediate reply as well. Here are some of the follow up questions.

          1. Which project in JBoss should I download? Should I get JBoss Application Server or JBoss Microkernel or JBoss Portal ...

          2. When you say "... there is no automatic support for parsing MIB definitions, or generating MIBs based ..." do you mean there is no support to browse MIB files for the agent or no support to compile and generate MIB files or no support to generate JAVA APIs from MIB file?

          As I said I am a newbie and learning at the products available and so forth.

          THanks for help

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            Dimitris Andreadis Master

            1. JBoss application server

            2. No support/tool to parse a MIB and generate skeleton code that "implements" that MIB. You normally complete this code with what you want your agent to do, when receiving get/set requests for those MIB defined objects.

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              Muralidharan Narayanan Newbie

              Thanks a lot Dimitry,
              I downloaded JBoss AS. But I don't how to go on from there. All that I am interested is in learning about right now are:
              - the snmp related packages included in JBoss AS
              - examples of using the snmp packages
              - docs related to snmp APIs

              Do I need to rely on joesnmp packages documentation for snmp doc related to JBoss? If I am wondering what the benefit is in using JBoss AS. If we have to pay for support in order to learn about JBoss please let us know and we can go off-line from this forum on this topic


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                Dimitris Andreadis Master

                Again, the snmp-adaptor (jmx notification -> snmp traps) is described here (you won't find any better document):


                The 'all' configuration of jboss has the snmp-adaptor deployed in server/all/deploy/snmp-adaptor.

                If you want to see the implementation, download the jboss source code and looks into:


                There is no other snmp usage in jboss, except for an snmp trap appender for log4j.

                The point here is that you need to understand about JBoss, otherwise nothing will make sense for you.

                If you just want to use the joeSNMP package, download the source code from sourceforge and experiment. In the older versions of joensmp (v0.2.6) there were a couple of examples that you may want to look at, but as far as I know there is no other documentation, you'll need to look at the code (which not very complicated actually).

                Supporting snmp has never being a priority in JBoss, but you can always contact sales@jboss.com and ask for more info.

                If you want simple trap-based integration, then you'll be ok, must if you want a full-fledged snmp agent, this is not possible out of the box, it needs development. I know of at least one telecom company that uses the adapter as a base to create their snmp agent, but they are quite knowledge in SNMP.

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                  Muralidharan Narayanan Newbie

                  Thank you very much for your reply and help. I talked to the sales team at JBoss and they mentioned the same thing that I received in your email. They said that only SNMP TRAP based integration is supported in JBoss and I must look for some other light weight package in order to get ful fledged SNMP support.

                  THanks for help. I will check on Joesnmp

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                    Thiyagarajan T Newbie

                    Dear Murali,

                    If you are having the JMX MBeans and looking for providing Snmp managebility to those MBeans, I would suggest you to hava a look at the product 'AdventNet Snmp Adaptor for JMX'.

                    The product download link is

                    While evaluating the product, you can avail free techinical support by sending mails to agent-support@adventnet.com

                    Kind regards,