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    MBeanOperationInfo impact

    Matt G Newbie

      There's an MBeanOperationInfo c'tor which looks like

      public MBeanOperationInfo(String name,
       String description,
       MBeanParameterInfo[] signature,
       String type,
       int impact)

      The last parameter, impact, is one of (ACTION, INFO, ACTION_INFO, UNKNOWN). Where is this information used? I'm curious because I'm thinking about skipping this information in my abstraction as I don't see any use for it.


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          Elias Ross Master

          It's there for your own use. Those indicate if your operation provides information, does something interesting, or not specified. A good analogy would be GET/POST in HTTP.

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            Raja Master

            I think it matters when you do dynamic mbeans. The behaviour that you get on a Console is dependent onwhat value you specify for the impact. If its ACTION, you would get a UI that lets you change the values for the attributes. Having it as INFO will only allow Read only views. Having ACTION_VIEW is a read/write property.