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    How to register an MBean in JBoss JNDI Context..?



      I am new in JBoss/JMX development.

      I have created a simple MBean and it works fine for me.
      Now my requirement is that I need to register this MBean in JBoss JNDI Context and need to access it from JNDI Context.

      So please help me how and where I register my MBean in JNDI context..?
      Is there a way to specify the Jndi Name in jboss-service.xml, so JBoss read from there and register automatically in JNDI context. or do i need to write code to register my mbean in JNDI Conext..?

      I seen JNDIMap example in Chapter 2 of JBoss4.0 Guide where JNDIMapMean itself is registering in JNDI InitialContext. Is that the way todo that..?

      Please reply thanks.