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    web application need to load/start after my MBeans loaded



      My Application folder structure is something like as below:

      --- myapplication.jar
      --- META-INF
      ------ jboss-service.xml
      --- myapplication.war
      ------ classes
      ------ WEB-INF

      My web application uses the MBeans(which are in myapplication.sar) when it get started. Means my application is depend on MBeans and it is using mbeans when it get started(I am having an InitServlet, which uses Mbean)

      Now the issue is my application get loaded/started before my mbeans are loaded/started. and I am not able to get the referece of mbeans as they are not yet loaded.

      So, How can I make my application dependent on my mbeans so mbeans always gets loaded before my application start.

      Please help me.

      Thanks & Regards