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    ServiceController related Implementation Queries ?

    Vicky Kak Master


      private void register(ServiceContext ctx, Collection depends) throws Exception
       if (!installedServices.contains(ctx))
       if (depends != null)
       log.debug("adding depends in ServiceController.register: " + depends);
       for (Iterator i = depends.iterator(); i.hasNext();)
       registerDependency(ctx.objectName, (ObjectName) i.next());
       // Get the fancy service proxy (for the lifecycle API)
       ctx.proxy = getServiceProxy(ctx.objectName, null);

      Refering to the above method in the ServiceController I am not understanding why new ServiceProxy is getting generated on every invocation of create ?
      Regarding the JARDeployer and the SARDeployer I could not see any dependent list , why are these created and started through the startBootService , could these not been created through the createMBean method ?
      Or for the Hot Deployment features they are tied with the Service Controller ?