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    monitors asssistance required

    Warren Sweetman Newbie

      I am trying to configure/set up pesistance on various jboss and application properties (eg # of expired session, # of active session, active thread count, etc)

      - JBoss version 3.2.4
      - OS windows 2000, NT, XP
      - JDK Version 1.4.2_05

      From the investigation done so far I can see that this can be accomplished by the use of monitors/snapshots. The problem is that the documentation surrounding these facilities is very limited. I look for answers to questions like
      - Were is this information persisted?
      - can the format of these persisted files (if present) be modified
      - Is there an idea of roling files?
      - Is there a definitive list of properties that can be monitored (to avoid serching for them by looking at attribute via the web console)
      - etc