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    Commas not allowed in the Scheduler arguments

    Armenio Pinto Newbie

      Hi there,

      I noticed that commas aren't allowed in the Scheduler MBean string arguments, because they're used to separate the arguments. This is a significant problem, because it's impossible, for example, to pass MBean names to the Schedulable objects! (the commas are used to separate the keys in the MBean names, according to the best practices)

      I checked the Scheduler.java code, and it simply processes the arguments with a StringTokenizer(..., ",").

      Is there any work scheduled (eheh) regarding this problem? A solution would be to escape commas and similar characters with an escape character. This also mantains backward compatibility... Should I open a feature request? Should I provide a fix for the problem on my own to the JBoss AS mantainers? It's easy to solve the problem by replacing the StringTokenizer with regular expressions...


      Arménio Pinto