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    Custom MBean Deployment order

    Parag More Newbie

      I have deployed my multithreaded application as a mBean and want to monitor it using JMX console.

      I started with JBoss minimal server with just my application.sar, tomcat sar and jmx-console.war. How do I make JBoss deployer go about deploying in the following order -
      1)Deploy Tomcat service,
      2)JMX-console.war application
      3) finally my application.sar.

      Tried using depends in jmx-service.xml in myApp.sar did not work. Am I missing some config here.
      jmx-service.xml entry is -

      The reason i want that particular order is my app starts threads and waits in an infinite loop and listening thru' the socket connection for the next command.