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    Connection Pool Shrinking and Reset Programmatically

    vinay purohit Newbie


      I have an application deployed on Weblogic that I am migrating to JBOSS 4.0.2.

      As part of the application, I access the Weblogic MBean Server to access connection pool information and perform operations on the connection pool

      Psuedo Code:
      //Get Inital context
      //Get the MBeanHome using IntialContext
      //Get the JDBCConnectionPoolRuntimeMBean from the MBeanHome
      //Call either the shrink() or the reset() methods on the JDBCConnectionPoolRuntimeMBean

      For Jboss, I had a look at the JMX Console (ManagedConnectionPool).
      Is flush equvivalent to the reset? What is the equivalent for the shrink?