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    Implementing Application Specific Counters

    Vinesh R Newbie


      We are developing a J2EE based application using JBOSS as the application server. We want to publish some application specific counters for monitoring the load/performance.

      This product was earlier running on windows OS (normal COM Server) and we had integerated our application specific counters into the Windows perofrmance monitoring infrastructure. We are looking for something similar.

      We are planning to implement MBeans to publish these counters. The server EJBs will update the counters during the operation and the same can be viewed through JMX Console.

      I need some clarifications,

      1) Is there any other alternative apart from writting MBeans?

      2 Is it performance intensive to make this MBean call during by business call processing?

      3)Is it possible to access this MBean object from my EJB class like a normal Java class.

      4) We have multiple such counters that needs to be exposed. Is there any easy infrastructure/pattern available with which i can avoid multiple MBeans.

      Vinesh R