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    ajax support action not working with calendar

    kou vang Newbie

      My a4j:support action isn't working when I use it with rich:calendar. I was able to get the a4j:support action to work with SelectOneListbox and SelectOneRadio. I know it's not working because none of the print statements were executed. I tried using a few of the event that's supply by the calendar (ex: ondateselect, ondateselected, oninputchange) but none of them seems to work. I also tried using onchange for the attr. event.

      Here's my code:

      <rich:calendar value="#{ReportMB.dateRange1}" width="12"
      datePattern="MM/dd/yyyy" >
      <a4j:support action="#{ReportMB.dateRange1Change}"

      public String dateRange1Change(){
      System.out.println("dateRange1Change 1");
      vRptParam rptParam =
      System.out.println("dateRange1Change 2");
      System.out.println("dateRange1Change 3");
      return "";