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    how to delivar message asynchronously in jboss..

    back office Newbie

      hi all
      I am very new to JBOSS.. I am sorry to ask this qq. I have a client which posts a message to topic created in jboss.. and I have an MDB to listen to that topic and consume the messages.. now when I am posting the messages to the topic and I added a 5 secs delay in the MDB to consume.. what I did is put some for loop and delayed the consumption of the message by 5 secs.. now when I see the logs my client which posts the messages to the JMS topic is also delaying in post.. whats happening is my client is also not moving like post the message and move. I am expecting it to post and proceed and later MDB will consume that at its pace.. but thats not what happening here.. can some one throw some lite here..
      Please let me know any questions..