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    JBoss versus Sun JMX implementation

    Randy Tompot Newbie

      I have a concern, probably due to my relative inexperience with Java in general, about consistency in JMX-implementation classes used within JBoss and by JMX-enabled remote applications.

      My scenario is that I have a servlet deployed in JBoss that looks up JMXConnectorServers registered in JNDI of remote apps and effectively connects to these remote MBeanServers using the JSR-160 API.

      So, if JBoss as well as these remote apps are all running in JVMs launched by the Tiger (1.5) JRE, are the Sun JMX implementation classes effectively loaded and used by all parties? Or is there a possibility that there will be problems by a mixing in of the JBoss JMX implementation? (The remote apps have jbossall-client.jar within their classpath)