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    Multiple Java versions in JBoss server?

    Ian Hunter Newbie

      Hi Folks,

      We're evaluating JBoss, and I'm personally keen on using EJB3. It suits our requirements nicely in terms of development speed.

      However, we have legacy CORBA which we've enacpsulated in an MBean service, and just discovered that the CORBA implementation requires JDK1.4 - and it may be difficult to get out of this.

      Can anybody tell me if I've reached the end of the road for EJB3, or is there a way out of it such that I can run both?

      We already recognise the following options...

      1) Run CORBA in its own process. Messy, but will work.
      2) Upgrade CORBA to work in Java5. Creates issues with current product and introduces even more risk.
      3) Revert to EJB2.

      Many Thanks for any input
      Ian Hunter