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    Adding deployement functions...

    SKS Vip Newbie

      i modified the Transaction Manager to support the Exacly-once transaction semantic. Now i have to add some new tag in the xml schema, that the client programmer (who white the MBeans) make, to change some deployement behaviour.

      The new tag (for helping the end programmer to understand the usage) specify if the application server have to use the traditional transaction manager or not (for every specific MBean deployed).
      I need moreover, if is select the new T.M., to create a new table in one back-end database to "log" the transaction. (algorithm is quite long to explain)

      I'm thinking to make a new subdeployer (to make the table and other things) and modify the main deployer to understand if use the traditional deployer or the mine (reading the new value on the xml).

      Do you suggest me other ways?
      Can you suggest me some ideas or document? (the documentation explain well how to use the services but not how they exaclty work)