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    Use of JBoss Logging Service - URGENT

    Ravi Prakash Reddy Ummadi Newbie


      I want to use log4j logging for my application.
      I have two options.
      - Use the existing logging service provided by jboss ( it essentially menas use the log4j instance created by jboss)
      - Use my own log4j service (create my own instance)

      I had a look into the following article which explains how to integrate jboss logging service into our application.


      My question is what is the advantage of using jboss logging service instead of our own. I require just 5 lines of code to initialize my own logging instance in the application , as shown below:

       InputStream fin = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(mLogFile);
       Properties config = new Properties();
       mLogger = Logger.getLogger(LOG_NAME);

      While this is so simple task, why bothering about using jboss logging service? is there any performacne advantage?
      Even if I use jboss logging service, it is going to create seperate instance for my application logger category. Right?

      Please throw your thougts.

      -Ravi Prakash