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    MBeanServerFactory.findMBeanServer (null) returns an empty a

    Jar Lyons Newbie

      I have written a servlet for the sole purpose of registering an mbean within the servlet init() method ... (because there doesn't seem to be any other truly standard way of registering an mbean across all different flavors of app servers)

      The problem is .... using JBoss (JBoss [Zion] 4.0.3SP1 (build: CVSTag=JBoss_4_0_3_SP1 date=200510231751), this method returns an empty array.

      ArrayList foo = MBeanServerFactory.findMBeanServer (null);
      log ("MBeanServerFactory.findMBeanServer(null) returned .... " + foo);
      log ("servers.size() = " + foo.size());

      ...... log output ....

      servers.size() = 0

      Has anyone else seen this behavior???