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    Web Application Detail through JMX(Urgent require).

    mitesh Oza Newbie

      already i asked this question many ways but still i am searching the answer of this question, already i searched in google and many more search engine. but i couldn't found any proper answer.

      Already i got some success to found Application Server CPU Usage parameters and JDBC Parameters as well some basic Jboos Monitor Parameter like start date,version and etc. but for web application parameter............huh.........pls help me.

      i need some WebApplication parameters as below. and i already get the Instance of
      MBeanServerConnection. and on the base of it already i found

      i) Application Server Monitor Parameter and JDBC Parameter.

      But, some how i couldn't found the proper MBean which will give me the WebApplication Parameters detail like as follow.

      i)WebApplication Name
      ii)Context root
      iii)Response Time and many more....

      see i am using HttpAdaptor for getting MBeanServer Instance and Parameter because my JBoss Monitor application is deployed at outside the JBoss server.

      can anyone tell me which MBean is responsible for giving me this WebApplication Parameter. Which domain name and Service or type i will have to pass in ObjectName Constructor.

      pls this is third time i am putting my question here...

      ur small clue can be appreciable.... pls help me this is urgently require