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    Can my stand-alone application use Jboss implementation of j

    sol myr Newbie


      I have a *stand-alone* java application (using java 5).
      I'm adding jmx support (i.e. my application launches an MBeanServer).

      My question: is it possible for my MBeanServer to use adaptors or connectors that are implemented by JBoss ? I'm mainly interested in html adaptor, but other adaptors/connectors would also be interesting.

      I was hoping to obtain some jar(s) from jboss and just incorporate them into my application, but I can't seem to find and modular distibution of just the JMX part... the jboss site mentions a "Jboss/jmx project", but I believe they don't offer any jars for it... do they ?

      thanks very much.