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    jboss.management.local is missing

    Matt Marigan Newbie

      Hi all,

      i am developing a small application which shows to you a deployed applications in JBoss App Server. I do it via JMX. And i've met a recent problem. If i have defautl installation of jboss there is a "jboss.management.local" service in jmx-console and under it i can see all deployed objects and i am able to query them. If i have for example EJB3 installation of jboss the "jboss.management.local" is not there and i am not able to figure out which modules are deployed. And my questions are: Which package (library) i have to add to the installations where the "jboss.management.local" isn't ? Is there any possibility from the jboss side to add this package to all installations ? -> it would be great to have it in all possible installations and don't solve this king of problem. Thank you very much for the answer ;)