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    Create method is not called on Service bean

      I have a service bean Special that depends on service bean Core. The special bean loads and the core bean is injected without a hiccup. I have print statements that show the create and start methods of Special are called. Core create and start methods are not called. Special is definitely there. Works just fine. It's just that its life-cycle methods are not called. Is that the way dependent beans are supposed to work?


      Independent service:
      @Service(objectName="acme:service=core") @Management(CoreService.class) public class CoreServiceBean implements CoreService
      Special service depends on core service
      @Service(objectName="acme:service=special") @Management(SpecialService.class) public class SpecialServiceBean implements SpecialService
      @Depends("acme:service=core") public void setCoreService(CoreService coreService)