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    EAR Deployment Notification

    jean luc picard Newbie


      please excuse my English ... i'm french !

      Fisrt of all, i'm using JBoss 4.02 !

      I'm having trouble in catching EarDeployer Notifications. Here is my developpemen status :

      I have an MBean which is notified when a .ear archive is deployed in the "start" state of notification. This work properly. Then i try to instantiate the ObjectName that represent then MBean created during the .ear deployment. This MBean is named this way : "J2EEServer=Local,j2eeType=J2EEApplication,name=MyAppli.ear". This also work properly. To finish, I get, through an MBeanServer instance, the attribute "deploymentDescriptor" on the new MBean, like this : server.invoke(mbean, "deploymentDescriptor") (or something like this !!!). The deploymentDescriptor should contain the content of the "application.xml" file of the new deployed .ear archive !

      This is where things turn bad ... 50% of the time the deploymentDescriptor is empty, 50% of the time it is OK ... anyway when i look this attribute through the JMX Console it is always OK ...

      Is this the good way for getting the application deployment descriptor when it is deployed ? is there a bug in JBoss 4.02 ?

      Thanks for your help ...