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    custom deployment listener / classloader

    Pooja Chauhan Newbie

      This question is two parts:
      1. I want to write a custom deployment listner, for lets say.xdr files or -mydr.xml files. To achieve that, do I need to refer to the code for DeploymentManagementService in jboss and extend it to write my own MBean? How can I tell jboss deploymentservice to ignore my files? Or instead of MBean shall I try to write an interceptor? [I also want a J2ee thing like an EJB to then access stuff from this .xdr]

      2. This .xdr file will actually be a jar with its own folder structure and a lib (containing further jars) and conf files? I want to access stuff from this .xdr from another .xdr, previously present. If I understand correctly, I'll need to write my own classloader. I need a confirmation that this is possible to do with jboss. Isn't it?

      Let's not get into the details of exactly why I need to do this; ans is long. If it makes anyone cringe at the thought of someone needing to do this, and it looks like a bad design decision, pls let me know, but also answer the question if only for the sake of philosophy.

      Also, I couldn't find any, but is there a documentation on custom deployment/classloaders?

      --- Pooja.
      I am unsure if this is the right forum category for this question; this just seemed the closest.