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    Setting MBean parametrized constructor to call in jboss-serv

    Andrey Kondakov Newbie


      I appologize if similar question has passed here once,.. but anyway.

      I have MBean which has ctor with String parameter. Now my purpose is to force jboss to call this ctor instead of default one that I know how to arrange in jboss-service.xml file or xmbean-dd one.
      I saw some examples in the Net, mostly they address me to jboss-service file with the following notation:

      <mbean code="package_path.SomeName"
      <attribute name="Measurement">Time</attribute>

      Is it pretty good for my task? If so, do I need to remove ctor description in xmbean-dd file and stay with operations only?

      At the same time I noticed that jboss_xmbean_1_0.dtd schema defines "parameter" element as optional for "constructor" element. Since my xmbean-dd file uses this schema, I guess it's possible to write something like this:
       <description>Parametrized Constructor</description>

      and it will work.

      Please advise which method is better.

      Thank you,