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    Problem with Emmiter / Listener


      Hello everybody,
      i got a failure concerning the NotificationEmitter and ListenerServiceMBeanSupport.

      My CPULoad MBean implements the NotificationEmitter Interface and i have also override the NotificationBroadcaster interface methods.

      My listener is the SnmpAgentTeam which extends the ListenerServiceMBeanSupport and overrides the handleNotification2 method.

      At the desctiptor of the SnmpAgentTeam i have the following
      <mbean name=\"mybean.test:name=CPULoad\">
      <notification type=\".\"/>


      When i deploy i'm recieving the following error:
      Failed to subscribe to: 'mybean.test:name=CPULoad', maybe not a notification broadcaster or: 'mybean.teamm:name=SnmpAgentTeam', maybe not a notification listener