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    How to register simple MBean to JBoss AS

    Naiden Gochev Newbie

      Hello im new JBoss user i must migrate from Bea WebLogic 8.1 to JBoss but i have problem with MBeans.
      i have 1-2 simple MBeans and i want to register them to JBoss AS .
      how can i do that ?
      under Bea the things was like this
      i must implement class
      then i must predefine method called postStart(ApplicationLifecycleEvent evt) and in this metod i must register my mBeans
      this metod is executed when my domain starts .
      how can i do this on Jboss ?
      i found some parts of an XML tags like
      <mbean ....
      but i dont know where to put them and how
      help me please thanks for listening me.