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    Register Schedulable events to the ScheduleManager Mbean thr

    Stratos Pavlakis Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am relatively new to Jboss and I am making a huge effort the last month to get to now everything for a university project. I would like your help regarding the problem below :

      I want to use the Jboss Scheduler as Singleton to register events in a clustered setup. These events will place messages in a Queue which is going to feed the whole cluster. So the basic concept is 1 Scheduling Service - 1 queue - Many schedule executing instances.

      My first problem is that I want to register new Schedules dynamically when an RMI client for example calls a Session Bean. This means I have to control the SchedulerManager Mbean programatically but every doc I have read shows how i can xml describe the SchedulerProvider so that the schedules are registered on jboss startup.

      I guess there is an Mbean controlling API. Could you link me with some info plz?

      thx in advance