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    Clustered XMBean using inheritance

    Popa Mirela Newbie


      I have the following situation:
      class Config extends BasicConfig implements ConfigMBean
      class BasicConfig implements IBasicConfig
      interface ConfigMBean extends IBasicConfig

      Config is a XMBean, while BasicConfig is just a POJO. Config adds some managed attributes to the BasicConfig class.

      This MBean is deployed in a clustered environment, with 2 cluster nodes.
      The problems appear when I'm changing the value of a managed attribute defined in the BasicConfig class - it's value is only persistent on the cluster node that made the change, on the other node the old value remains.
      This is not happening if I change the value of one managed attribute from Config class (attribute which is not inherited from BasicConfig class).

      I analyzed the ConfigMBean interface - it has the getter and setter of all inherited managed attributes, so it seems to be correct.
      Also the metadata seems correct also - all necessary properties of the attributes are specified in the xml file.

      I hope you can help me with this problem...
      The JBoss version I'm using is 4.0.3SP1.

      Thank you