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    Multiple depends

    Tor Egil Jacobsen Novice

      I am trying to develop a service which is using a stateless session bean (EJB3). So I am dependent of this bean, but this bean is dependent on a persistence unit which seems to be deployed.

      ObjectName: jboss.j2ee:jar=concept.jar,name=EntityServiceBean,service=EJB3
       I Depend On:

      Even though this ejb is dependent on a persistence unit, it's visible as a service in the jmx console. This result in my service being started but it is unable to look up the ejb as this needs the persistence context.

      I would like my service to be dependent on the persistence unit as well so that it would not get started without its resources available. How do I say that an MBean is dependent on several other beans?

      In my jboss-service.xml; do I use several depends-tags, list then in a comma seperated way inside the tag, or something else?