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    snmp explanation

    Luca Stancapiano Expert

      hi......I need to know how snmp will be in the future.....

      question 1 - I've seen that jboss give only an experimental attributes.mib under the oid 1.3.3 but I've seen that IANA has jboss under .....how this mib will be in the future?

      question 2 - will jboss implements mib descripted in jsr 77? I've seen that now jboss hasn't the table concept about mib , but jsr 77 snmp mib uses heavyly the tables

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          Dimitris Andreadis Master

          We'll probably update the oids to match the ones assigned to jboss in the next release.

          There is no plan to implement the jsr77 MIB, unless you want to contribute something :)

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            Luca Stancapiano Expert

            hi dimitris.....I'ld to be happy to contribute but I see it hard.......to do it ,SNMP adaptor should to implement one to many relations through mbeans....actually it seems that org.jboss.jmx.adaptor.snmp.agent.AttributeMappingsBinding (through attributes.xml) accepts only one to one relations. Maybe to associate the same oid together more mbeans of the same type? To better understand I send you a j2ee.mib that I converted according jsr 77 into JBJMX-103